Seasonal Brands

Afternoon Tea English style India Pale Ale - 6.2% ABV / 59 IBU
Brewed with Oolong tea and fermented with English style yeast, this well hopped IPA has a light tea nose and body.

Apostasy Black Saison Ale - 8.2% ABV / 32 IBU
Brewed with Perle Negra malt, Strisselspalt, Northern Brewer and Brambling Cross hops, this Black Saison brings on a sweet nose followed by a roasty bitterness and creamy finish.

Autumn Amber Autumn Amber Ale - 5.5% ABV
Wonderfully mild, with a beautiful autumn color and flavor to match. Sit back and enjoy the season with this classic American ale.

Belly Pat Rye Pale Ale - 7.5% ABV / 64 IBU
This Rye Pale Ale was the Winner of our 2013 Homebrew contest. Chad and Becky Pavich designed this malted and flaked rye ale with a touch of wheat, yielding a smooth yet spicy malt. Accentuated by a complex blend of Chinook, Columbus, and Mt. Hood hops this beer has earthy and fruity notes.

Benny Hill British style India Pale Ale - 6.9% ABV / 61 IBU
A simply delightful blend of British malts, yeast and hops (including Northdown, WGV and Phoenix) meld to produce a nutty character with notes of lemon.

Black Corridor Imperial Chocolate Stout - 10.5% ABV
A blend of four grains and East Kent Goldings hops yields notes of dark ripe fruits and deep meaty roastiness with a rich full body, slick / oily mouthfeel, and a lingering chocolate ganache finish.

BlueBeery Lager - 5.2% ABV / 21 IBU
The first of our brewer's ExBerryMental series of fruity lagers, the blueberries come through in a subtle way both on the nose and taste. A very refreshing brew!

Bourbon barrel aged Apostasy Black Saison Ale - 8.2% ABV / 32 IBU
Brewed with Perle Negra malt, Strisselspalt, Northern Brewer and Brambling Cross hops, this Black Saison brings on a sweet nose followed by a roasty bitterness and creamy finish. Aging in Angel's Envy Bourbon barrels for 8 months produced an ultra smooth and satisfying brew.

Bourbon barrel aged Black Corridor Imperial Chocolate Stout - 12% ABV
Our amazing Imperial Chocolate Stout aged for over a year in Buffalo Trace whiskey barrels puts a finishing flavor of Bourbon and oak onto this already rich and chocolatey smooth beer. Bourbon barrel aged Date Night Black Barleywine Ale - 12.6% ABV
Our complex Date Night, brewed with a rich set of malts and hops plus Jumbo Medjool Dates to produce a full, roasty backbone with hints of cherry. Aging in Bourbon barrels for over a year compliments this already fantistic brew with notes of oak and whiskey.

Bourbon barrel aged Jumbo Love Black Barleywine Ale - 11+% ABV / 33 IBU
This big, bold brew is made with a rich complex set of malts and hops which meld to produce a roasty backbone with hints of cherry.

Bourbon barrel aged Rye Knot Baltic style Porter - 8.6% ABV / 40 IBU
A blend of seven grains, Amarillo, Centennial and Warrior hops. Hints of oak, cognac and a light woodsy bitter finish. Aged for over a year in Bourbon barrels builds an even more complex and satisfying taste.

Better Than Bitter English style Extra Special Bitter Ale - 5.6% ABV / 41 IBU
An American production of a classic English style ESB. Known for balance and the interplay between malt and hop bitterness.

Black Corridor Imperial Chocolate Stout - 12% ABV
Poured on nitro, this rich blend of four grains, chocolate and East Kent Goldings hops is an especially special treat for our 6th Anniversary!

Blood Orange BeerMosa Wheat Ale - 7.6% ABV
A solid wheat ale combined with Blood Orange puree during fermentation to create a super refreshing beer Mimosa.

Blood Orange Saison Belgian style Saison Ale - 7.1% ABV
The farmhouse / saison style was traditionally brewed for farm workers in Belgium. We've added blood orange to the brew for a wonderful floral meld of citrus and Belgian yeast esthers. Fantastically refreshing!

Brutus Brut IPA - 9.4% ABV / 60 IBU
Dried out to the point of no return, this Brut IPA is a bold citrusy grapefruit bomb with only the residual kilning of the complex malts left behind. Big and bold - a brut of a beer!

Camp 4 English style Nut Brown Ale - 5.0% ABV
A complex blend of nine grains together with Liberty hops yields a pleasantly light summer ale with notes of chocolate, cafe au lait, caramel and perhaps a hint of turtle sundae.

Choss Triple India Pale Ale - 11% ABV / 186IBU
A pale creamy head lingers and laces the sides of the glass atop this "Hop Lover's" dream. Polaris, Cluster and Citra hops produce a sweet nose with floral, citrus and pine tones upon a medium malt body and crisp bitter finish.

Darkness Darkness Wheat Ale - 5% ABV
The pleasant chocolaty nose and light refreshing malt body make this "dark beer" go down easily. The perfect summertime choice.

Date Night Black Barley Wine Ale - 11.5% ABV / 72 IBU
Brewed with a complex set of malts and hops plus Jumbo Medjool Dates to produce a rich a nd roasty backbone with hints of cherry.

Devil's Drip Belgian style Tripel Ale - 11.5% ABV
Classically brewed using a double fermentation, the yeast esters express themselves with flavors of bananas and cloves, balancing with the malts and hops for a mild clean finish.

Dig Your Own Cactus Agave Wheat Lager - 6.6% ABV
Light and refreshing with beautiful hazy wheat color, this lager has a touch of agave sweetness on both the nose and the tip of your tongue.

Dinna Fash Belgian style Saison w/Raspberry - 7.0% ABV
Don't worry - a refreshing Saison brewed with Raspberry, Coriander and Orange Blossom Honey. This brew greets your nose with light raspberry effervescence followed by Belgian style yeast esters and a clean finish.

Dogma Dubbel Belgian style Dubbel Ale - 7.5% ABV
Belgian, German and English malts, Perle and Styrian Goldings hops and molasses creates a slightly sweet and rich body with a light spicy floral hop note. The Belgian yeast adds banana, cloves and a hint of green apple.

Eight Square Identity Chocolate Oatmeal Stout - 5.2% ABV / 35 IBU
A collaboration with the soon-to-open Off Square Brewing Co guys, Dave and Chad, in Crown Point. This creamy, smooth and chocolatey stout is brewed with an abundance of Equadorian Cacao nibs.

Fangorn English style India Pale Ale - 6.7% ABV / 67 IBU
Steeped in lore (and extra hops), this English style IPA has a stiff hop character (earthy and floral) and a tad higher alcohol content than a Pale Ale. The English style yeast lends a fruity flavor. Unfiltered & hazy!

Frankenjura Black Bavarian style Lager - 5.1% ABV
This dark variant of the traditional Bavarian style lager has a wonderfully creamy head, mild body and clean yet slightly bitter finish.

Grand Cru Grand Cru - 7.3% ABV
The Grand Cru style denotes a higher quality beer. This fine instance is brewed with corriander and sweet orange peels to delight both the nose and palate alike.

Hangdog Black Rye Pale Ale - 6.7% ABV / 80 IBU
The blend of six grains, Nugget and Mt. Hood hops then dry hopped with Polaris hops, create a sweet rye body with a balanced fresh and dry hoppiness. Amazing!

Intergalactic Belgian style Brown IPA - 8.0% ABV / 84 IBU
Patagonia malts from Chile provide the bold brown color and flavor while Galaxy and Mosaic hops from New Zealand make this IPA out of this world!

Irish I Had a Red Irish style Red Ale - 6.5% ABV
Brewed for the season, this straight ahead Irish Red goes down easy and keeps you smiling. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Little Chamonix English style Mild Ale - 4.3% ABV
Brewed in the style of an English Mild, this light brown fluid is infinitely quaffable. Named after a mild four star climb in Shepherds Crag in the Lake District of England.

Lost Saint Belgian style Saison - 6.5% ABV
Also known as a farmhouse ale, this Saison features White Pepper, Coriander, and Grains of Paradise. A traditional "after work brew" for the fieid workers in the farms of Belgium. Not too hoppy, and wonderfully spiced.

Mango Pale Mango Pale Ale - 7.4% ABV / 60 IBU
Brewed with Mango puree, fruit first hits your nose and then dances with the big malt body, balancing with the Simcoe & Citra hoppiness. Super refreshing, quenching your thirst for a hoppy brew.

Offwidth Double Pale Ale - 7.8% ABV / 100 IBU
A blend of six grains with Amarillo, Centennial and Willamette hops creates an upfront bitterness that rides through to the end with a light citrus nose.

Oktoberfest Marzen style Lager - 6.5% ABV
A Traditional German style Oktoberfest brew, it greets your nose and tongue with a caramel sweetness from the grains and finishes with a mild bitterness. Winner of the 2014 USBTC National Championship in Vienna/Lager Category.

Pale Monk Bavarian style Pale Ale - 6.5 %ABV / 26 IBU
The refreshing nose from the Belgian yeast strain is accented by the hops. This tasty brew is infused with Amarillo extract in the secondary, giving it a unique floral note.

Pirate's Pils Bavarian style Pilsner - 5.75 %ABV
This Bavarian Pilsner is made with a blend of Czech and German hops. Crisp and refreshing with a slight sweetness.

RailCats Pale Pale Ale - 5.1% ABV / 42 IBU
A light bodied, lightly hopped, full flavored session-able beer. Brewed and served with pride for RailCats fans!

Raspberry Helles Munich style Helles Lager - 6.3% ABV
Brewed in the style of a Munich Helles, where "Helles" is German for "bright", this well carbonated lager sparkles with raspberry and an up front malty balance.

Resilience West Coast style IPA - 7.9% ABV / 100 IBU
Brewed with over 1,400 other breweries as a collaBrewation fundraiser beer to support the Camp Fire relief efforts. We are donating 100% of the sales from this beer to Camp Fire relief.

Rye Knot Baltic style Porter - 8.1% ABV / 40 IBU
A blend of seven grains, Amarillo, Centennial and Warrior hops. Hints of oak, cognac and a light woodsy bitter finish. Silver Medal Winner 2015 Best of Craft Beer Awards.

Schwarz Lwe (Black Lion) Black Bavarian style Lager - 5.1% ABV
A dark Bavarian style lager with a creamy head mild body and clean yet slightly bitter finish.

SeshMo Session Pale Lager - 3.9% ABV / 28 IBU
A super refreshing, sessionable pale lager brewed with Mosaic hops to quench your thirst on hot, humid afternoons.
Let the session begin...

Solar Collector Pale Wheat Ale - 5.0% ABV / 29 IBU
A blend of three grains with dry-hopped Amarillo. This golden yellow brew has a light citrus nose and a refreshing finish.

Tart Cherry Pale American Pale Ale - 6.8% ABV / 40 IBU
NOT a cherry bomb. Brewed with tart cherry puree, simcoe and citra hops, a light cherry nose rides on the effervescence and the tartness balances with the hops to create a refreshingly unique pale ale.

Transcendent Belgian style Quadruppel - 12.8% ABV
The belgian style yeast esters compliment the bready, full malt backbone with flavors of banana and cloves. Definitely a sipper.

Twinkie Imperial Amber Ale - 10% ABV
Inspired by the climbing route of the same name in Kentucky's Red River Gorge, this super sweet brew is made with brown sugar and Amarillo hops.

Twist of F8 Watermelon Wheat Ale - 5.0% ABV
A blend of three grains with Hallertauer hops and a hint of watermelon. The watermelon wafts above this pleasant summer style wheat for a refreshing finish.

Vale of Paradise Imperial Ale aged in whiskey barrels - 14% ABV
This is a special creation, made for sipping. Brewed with a blend of roasted malts and maple syrup with a four hour boil. Aged in Heaven Hill whiskey barrels. This is my Utopias.

Where Lizards Dare India Pale Ale - 6.0% ABV / 84 IBU
Pale and Victory malts with an abundance of Cascade and Centennial hops. A dry malt backbone with a hint of toast, pine, and floral aromatics. Hop heads rejoice over this IPA.

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